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  • Chunky Merino Extra Large Throw in Raspberry

    We paired this Chunky Merino Extra Large Throw in Raspberry with our Tropicana Sorbet Collection. Extra fine luxurious 19 microns merino wool. One of the softes fibers on the earth. Merino wool is naturally adjuster of temperature. With products made from merino wool, you'll never be cold and not too warm. Good adhesion to the body, does not cause allergies and allows skin to breathe. It is soft and pleasant to the touch. Merino wool has natural antibacterial properties and resistance to odors, as well as natural UV protection. And, most importantly, made of 100% merino wool never causes a feeling uneasy sense "scratching" on the skin. 

    Dry Clean Only
    Your blanket should be taken to a professional dry cleaner to ensure the superior quality and long life. Take it with care and it will be beautiful for a long, long time.

    We are shipping our goods worldwide. This is a made to order product. Standard international shipping 10-25 business days, depend of countries.

    Custom Size 45" x 70" in color Raspberry

    Call for additional custom size options

  • Como Duvet Cover in Beige

    A soft and luxurious polyester duvet in Beige. Poly-velvet is prized for the way it catches the light, changing hue and texture depending on the angle. This super-soft duvet cover has a poly velvet blend front and an organic cotton percale back, instantly elevating your bed. It's part of Tropicana Sorbet Collection—pairs beautifully with jewel toned pillows.

    From $450.00
  • Confetti Sheet Set - Grey/Linen

    Perfect with our Tropicana Sorbet Collection these sheets are just magical. Decorate your bedroom with a sheet set covered in festive grey and linen squares.

    - 100% cotton.
    - 400 thread count.
    - 4" finished hem on top edge, 1" finished hem on 3 sides.

    From $230.00
  • Eurydice Pillow

    This is the most saturation you're going to get in a velvety and luxurious pillow. With the Tropicana Sorbet Collection you will melt into a heavenly pool of magenta's and taupes.

    20x28 pillow cover with poly insert


  • Holi Pillow

    A much brighter, bolder color palette - the HOLI captures color and craftsmanship and then bursts with beauty! Hand crafted with a variety of eye catching sequence. This the statement pillow you've been waiting for. Tropicana Sorbet wouldn't be complete without it.

    20x20 cover includes insert and ships within 2 weeks 

  • Khor Pillow

    The KHOR pillow is both unexpected and handsome. Cleverly combining an Indian knot technique adorned with brass-like cymbal accents; completed by precisely placing each knot by hand. An eclectic piece sure to add distinction to any space. Pairs perfectly with our Tropicana Sorbet Collection

    *includes insert and ships within 2 weeks

  • Le Pampelonne Pillow - Cache Cache

    One of four cushions in the Le Pampelonne group, that tells of a Gruau signature theme, the glamorous life on the beach. It adds just the right touch of glam to our saturated and stunning Tropicana Sorbet Collection.

    22x22 - includes poly insert

Cache Cache