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  • Antioxidant Mask - Cacao + Honey

    Antioxidant rich blend of clay & cacao to clear, hydrate and balance skin. with cooling peppermint, manuka honey combats acne & aids in the structural rejuvenation of collagen.

  • Aura Mist - Awaken

    An uplifting blend to energize the mind, encourage creativity + elevate your mood.

  • Aura Mist - Slumber

    A soothing blend to relax the mind, calm feelings of anxiety, + promote restful sleep.

  • Aura Mist - Solitude

    A grounding blend to clear the mind + remove negative energy from your space.

  • Bath Soak - Coconut + Hibiscus

    Exotic blend of detoxifying & muscle soothing minerals, moisturizing coconut, and a nourishing botanical infusion paired with a harmonizing blend of citrus and sandalwood oils.

  • Bath Soak - Coconut + Lime

    Rejuvenate skin with a nourishing blend of moisturizing coconut milk blended with ultra healing + hydrating aloe. Enjoy the relaxing and rehydrating effects of organic sea kelp, rich in minerals and omega-3 essential fatty acids paired with lime oil to transcend you to a tropical getaway.

  • Bath Soak - Sea Clay + Mint

    Therapeutic French grey sea salt infused with muscle soothing essential oils, detoxifying & alkalizing minerals, and skin purifying sea clay.

  • Body Creme - Monoi + Jasmine

    Exquisite & smoothing blend of moisturizing butters, repairing beeswax, and aromatic tiare flower infused coconut oil. Infused with jasmine to soothe the mind, hydrate and improve skin health.

  • Body Creme - Vanilla + Citrus

    Exquisite smoothing blend of moisturizing butters and repairing beeswax. A delicious aroma of sweet vanilla paired with uplifting citrus to soothe the mind + nourish the skin.