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Block Printed Linen Everyday Throw - Deep Teal Triangle


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Barcode: 58798957

This item is made to order, and typically ships in 3-5 business days. Choose from either a Black Edgestich Finish or a Neon Red Edgestitch Finish.

Hand sewn, 100% linen throw; block printed with a randomly placed honeycomb print.

This beautiful hand printed linen throw makes the perfect beach towel. Large enough for two people and made of 100% linen, this throw is strong and durable while still being lighter than your favorite novel. It repels sand and stains, and dries much more quickly than a cotton terrycloth towel, meaning you can go from surf to sand in less time than it takes to reapply your sunscreen.

When beach season is over, this throw multi-tasks as a picnic blanket or tablecloth, and will look great thrown over your bed or the back of your couch.

+ My designs start with hand sketches and slowly evolve from sketch to stamp through a process called Linocut. The design shape is carved into a stamping block using metal chisels, and then inked and stamped on to the finished product. Each throw is hand-sewn and finished by me at my small home studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

+ Why linen?
> Linen is much stronger than cotton, virtually lint free, and gets softer with every wash.
> Linen is highly absorbent and can hold 20% of it's weight in water without feeling wet, and is durable enough to last over 20 years.
> Made from flax (a renewable resource), linen is not only environmentally friendly, but totally biodegradable, and free of harmful toxins. The production of the linen I used to make this throw creates zero water or air pollution.

Product & Care Information:
+ This throw is made out of 100% linen fabric, and is printed with water-based ink.
+ The finished size of each throw is approximately 56" x 72".
+ Each throw has been hand sewn and finished by me in my studio, and features a serged edge for a rustic, farmhouse feel that will withstand heavy use and washing.
+ Machine washable (warm or cool) on a gentle cycle setting, ideally with phosphate-free detergent for optimal color retention. Steam iron on a high heat setting. Product is unwashed upon shipment and will incur 1-3% shrinkage during the first wash cycle.

A Note About Block Printing:
Block Printing is a manual, hand printing process which will result in slight variations from print to print. As an artist, I see this as part of the beauty of a hand made item, and part of what makes each Loft Studios item uniquely yours.

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