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Hot Pack


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This hot pack has a great therapeutic quality and is extremely versatile. The hot pack works great for muscle aches and strains, bruises, cramps, and are an excellent option for people who like to heal naturally. They also work well to warm up the bed at night and if cooled work great for taming a hot flash.

The hot pack is filled with all natural lentils to achieve a softer feel and to eliminate the smell that most rice and corn filled hot packs have. My lavender scented hot packs are scented with dried lavender buds and pure essential oil. My neck wraps are made from a high quality linen/cotton blend fabric which I purchase from other Etsy sellers.

Each neck wrap measures about 28" long by 4.5" wide and is packaged with an eco friendly kraft paper.

Directions for use:
Hot Pack: Fold the neck wrap in half and microwave on high for a minute to a minute and a half.

Ice Pack: For an ice pack place the neck wrap in the freezer and leave until ready to use.

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